Pamela is founder of Change Sciences, a user experience research and strategy firm for Fortune 500s, startups, and other smart companies. She’s got some credentials (MS in Information Science from the University of Michigan, MA in Comparative Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill) and has worked with lots of big brands (Ally, Corcoran, Digitas, eMusic, IEEE, NBC Universal, McGarry Bowen, NYPL, Prudential, VEVO, Verizon, Wiley).

Plus, she has UX street cred. She’s logged thousands of hours in the field trying to better understand how people use technology and run hundreds of UX studies on almost every type of site or app you could imagine. When she’s not talking to strangers about their experiences online or sifting through messy data for patterns, she’s busy writing and speaking about how to create better user experiences using data of all shapes and sizes. Once in a while, she can also be found re-reading a Russian classic, stacking wood, or narrating the thoughts of her dog.