WordPress is a powerful CMS but it can also be used to build fully functional prototypes. Headway Theme’s drag and drop visual editor allows you to create and experiment with different layouts, including fixed width and responsive designs. Use the prototypes to collect feedback, test for usability and improve your design on the fly; or clone it to test multiple variations of the same design. Already on a web server, you only need a web browser to edit, share and collaborate on your prototypes. You don’t need to know any PHP; knowledge of CSS is helpful but not required.

Here’s the best part: once you are finished, your prototype doesn’t go to waste. If you choose WordPress as your CMS, you can simply modify your prototype to build the final website. If you choose something else, you can still use CSS generated by the theme.

Join us to learn more about this quick, simple prototyping tool as we review a recent project to provide examples.

What You'll Learn:

  • To use visual editor to build a grid based layout from scratch
  • How to apply custom CSS styles
  • How to reuse layouts, blocks and styles for different sections of the website
  • How to export layouts to create multiple prototypes for the same project

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Gaurav Gupta