Curtiss Grymala and Boon Sheridan are teaming up to bring you a workshop that promises to revolutionize your site design process.

They’ll show you ways your institution can rethink the challenges of design projects without getting bogged down or lost in the details. You’ll learn to “evolve” your site designs iteratively, tackling even the biggest design challenges “one piece at a time”.

This half-day workshop will break down the process of crafting a great user experience into small, digestible chunks.

One workshop is included with your conference registration.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to identify the simple changes that will have the largest impact on your users
  • Strategies to engage with stakeholders and teams across an organization to support your efforts
  • Ways to think about internal goals, key audiences and important tasks to uncover key areas to target for action
  • How to develop a rolling plan for changes and updates to your website
  • Practical exercises to jump-start the process

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Presented By

Boon Sheridan
Curtiss Grymala