Providing access to information about archival collections online presents a number of usability challenges, including outdated interfaces which provide poor support for web crawlers, as well as content poorly suited to web display and discovery. In addition, many archives demonstrate a poor sense of their user community and their needs. I’ll discuss how we addressed these challenges, listening to our users through a combination of low-budget usability testing, web analytics, server logs and a review of literature on search patterns to iterate towards a responsive and browse-able search interface that provides affordances for end users as well as machines.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to handle the challenges and opportunities of presenting unique archival collections online
  • Exposing structured data to improve search relevance and rankings
  • Presenting lengthy contextual information in a concise and relevant manner
  • How to best leverage concepts underlying description of archival collections
  • How to analyze user behavior through both quantitative and qualitative methods

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Hillel Arnold