Bringing meaningful change to large organizations runs the gamut of tasks from the merely daunting to the seemingly impossible. Change agents face obstacles like convoluted processes, crushing governance structures, legacy systems, legal and regulatory requirements, and extreme risk aversion.

But all hope is not lost! Change and innovation are possible in large organizations, even with limited resources and the smallest teams. Obstacles like those from legal, privacy, and security departments can be made into allies. Processes can be hacked to provide useful results. And small, incremental improvements snowball to major change with time.

Learn from some of John’s hard-earned lessons via three-plus years in the federal government. You’ll hear about bringing major innovations to citizen engagement and regulations, as well as some of the initiatives that were less successful. You’ll also learn strategies and techniques to help bring change to your own organization.

What You'll Learn:

  • Practical methods and strategies to deal with common large-org problems
  • How to handle complicated processes and governance structures
  • How to get stakeholders to let go of pet projects and help find workable solutions
  • How to turn frequent opponents like those from Legal, Security, and Privacy into allies and collaborators
  • How to get the mythical “seat at the table”

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John Yuda