Learn how a band of fearless library professionals are ripping the guts out of their website using content strategy.

When we started this project in early 2014, the University of Arizona Libraries website was a monster—5,000 unwieldy web pages of outdated, irrelevant, and unfriendly content. After sorting through all of the squishy entrails captured in our content audit, we left the lab to learn about our users and stakeholders—their needs, expectations, and priorities. With data in hand, we decided what content to kill and bury, what could be resurrected, and how to focus our content efforts going forward.

We are now working with a dozen content managers to revamp the web pages they hold dear and make our content more human. To keep the beast at bay, we are creating a system of workflows, standards, and accountability and giving our managers the training and tools they need to be successful.

What You'll Learn:

  • How a content audit is the first weapon you need in order to tame your monster website
  • How talking to humans can help guide your content-related decisions
  • How to breathe life into your content using voice and tone
  • How to create practical workflows and standards and use mad-science technology (your CMS) to ward off bad content

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Presented By

Rebecca Blakiston
Shoshana Mayden