All great design decisions have great design rationale behind them.

But what happens when someone doesn’t agree with that rationale? What if they just want the site to be less blue? Or what if the budget isn’t going to allow for those big, lush pictures the designer keeps adding to everything? What if the main stakeholder’s favorite functionality is not aligned with the application’s goals?

In this session, we’ll discuss objective internal and external communication methods, as well as some communication pitfalls, around a very subjective matter: A product’s design. We will model both effective and ineffective techniques for you to provide a rich understanding of how to conduct effective design planning and review sessions. Anecdotes, case studies, and more await!

What You'll Learn:

  • Methods of both listening and providing feedback during design critiques and presentations
  • Which keywords to listen for during design critiques and presentations that can help frame feedback
  • How to better explain design adjustments while respecting the designer’s craft
  • How to involve key stakeholders from the get-go (without including surveys)

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Presented By

Mal Jones
Brian Verhoeven