You understand the value of rapid prototyping, but you can’t seem to get the message across to your partners: project managers, department heads, administrators, developers, and other designers. They’re content to read stacks of wireframes tossed over a wall and never look back. How can you get them to embrace efficient design practices without creating more of a headache?

Instead of throwing your hands up in defeat, spend an hour with Matt Ventre as he helps you overcome these obstacles while teaching you techniques to help you build stronger partnerships and further the impact of effective prototyping in your organization.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to determine the right prototype for the right time
  • How to set expectations about the fidelity of your deliverables
  • Techniques to help you communicate your designs effectively with others in your organization
  • How to invite meaningful critique and create buy-in at all stages of the design process
  • What to do when your developers are ready to start using your code

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Matt Ventre