To show a return on digital investment, UX professionals need to step out from behind the screen, take a seat at the table, balance user and business needs, and create a positive environment for change. Armed with an approach I call “strategic nagging,” this is my story of becoming a change agent using web strategy to transform a 160-year-old organization for a digital-first world.

Let’s talk about honing the empathic, organizational, and analytical skills we already have to diffuse disruption and work with people and processes, as well as information and interfaces. Patience and persistence makes our message pervasive so we can motivate decision-makers, find allies, persuade detractors, and provide direction to practitioners.

When I became a web director, I thought I’d tinker with some content management issues, rewrite some content, and provide guidance. Little did I know that I would use web strategy to change the organization’s approach to its business.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to introduce user-focused, digital content culture into a large organization
  • How to manage change up, down, and sideways
  • Why you’ll need forgiveness, not permission, to be a catalyst for change…no matter what the department chair says

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Carrie Hane Dennison