If one of the goals of branding is “differentiation”, how do you brand something with an incredibly diverse set of offerings and a target audience that spans every age, race and socioeconomic group? How do you create a simple yet compelling brand for an institution that does so much for so many?

Such was the challenge of re-branding Wake Tech Community College, the largest community college in the state of North Carolina; a college that boasts upward of 70,000 students, 6 campuses and more than 1,900 employees.

A cohesive brand story should be a source of great pride for an institution, enhancing awareness and reputation while creating a positive experience for students and the community. Join VisionPoint Marketing as we talk about the challenges of branding North Carolina’s largest community college.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to define your goals
  • How to define clear brand values and attributes
  • To develop differentiators
  • To build advocacy and brand evangelists
  • To create a visual mark and supporting system that tells a clear and compelling brand story

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Zachary Henderson