For awhile now we’ve had the sneaking suspicion that we weren’t quite using our Google Analytics account in a way that unlocked its full metrics potential for our higher ed institute. As a school with multiple domains, subdomains and online efforts manned by many different groups (internal and external), our Google Analytics set-up was every bit as fractured as our digital landscape.

After many a free webinar, conference session and other attempts to teach ourselves the secret to effective account management & use, we finally called on the help of a Google Analytics certified partner (Viget) and initiated a project that rebuilt our analytics approach from the ground up. This session will share the project from start to finish, with emphasis on what we learned we were doing all wrong, what we’ve changed to ensure we’re doing it right, what we’re gaining from the change and what you can do right this moment to get your institution on the right track with Google Analytics!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to organize and track multiple domains within a Google Analytics account, the benefits involved and what to avoid
  • All about goals (and goal set-ups) tied to non-retail/e-commerce conversions, crucial for institutions that have more “abstract” business goals that are hard to pin down without basic ROI elements
  • Practical understanding of reporting elements that can surface the key information needed for a higher ed institute, library or museum and simplify the delivery of weekly/monthly metrics to senior leadership
  • Tips and tricks for next steps in any Google Analytics account changes, including pitfalls we found during our project and our decision to use Universal Analytics rather than Classic Analytics within our account

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Valerie Harness