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Archive: edUi 2014

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Richmond, Virginia

Prototyping With WordPress: No Coding Required

WordPress is a powerful CMS but it can also be used to build fully functional prototypes. Headway Theme’s drag and drop visual editor allows you to create and experiment with different layouts, including fixed width and responsive designs. Use the prototypes to collect feedback, test for usability and improve your … Continue reading »

Don’t Kill Your Wireframes: Enliven Them Through Prototyping

We know that many approaches help us create products for people. Whether you’re working on a university-wide site redesign or improving a departmental intranet, identifying purpose, effort, & consistency require clear communication. Wireframing has held sway over UXers for the past 20 years. From its metaphoric origins in filmmaking to … Continue reading »

Communicating the Value of Efficient Design

You understand the value of rapid prototyping, but you can’t seem to get the message across to your partners: project managers, department heads, administrators, developers, and other designers. They’re content to read stacks of wireframes tossed over a wall and never look back. How can you get them to embrace … Continue reading »