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Archive: edUi 2014

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Richmond, Virginia

Secrets of “Show, Don’t Tell”

Teens can smell marketing-speak a mile away. So why do higher ed sites still write things like this? “[Insert school here] delivers an exemplary learning experience that engages the best and brightest people, challenging them to meet ever-higher standards in the classroom and beyond.” “Show, Don’t Tell” means presenting sensory … Continue reading »

With Drupal, Your Website is an API

What is Drupal good for? That’s easy: Content management. Most people know that, but did you know that Drupal is also good at sharing that content? Using a couple of key modules, you can turn your Drupal-powered site into a full-fledged API or web service. By serving your content out … Continue reading »

Storymapping: A MacGyver Approach to Content Strategy

Need an organized and prioritized way to assess strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities in how you present content to a broad audience? Sure you do! Content is at the center of what many colleges, universities, libraries, and museums offer on the web and making sense of it all is essential … Continue reading »

Google Analytics: You’re (Maybe) Doing It Wrong.

For awhile now we’ve had the sneaking suspicion that we weren’t quite using our Google Analytics account in a way that unlocked its full metrics potential for our higher ed institute. As a school with multiple domains, subdomains and online efforts manned by many different groups (internal and external), our … Continue reading »

Better Search Through Listening

Providing access to information about archival collections online presents a number of usability challenges, including outdated interfaces which provide poor support for web crawlers, as well as content poorly suited to web display and discovery. In addition, many archives demonstrate a poor sense of their user community and their needs. … Continue reading »