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Archive: edUi 2014

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Richmond, Virginia

The 3Es of Implementing Your Content Strategy

Today, most of the business we do is digital. That makes content critical. Content now represents nearly a third of marketing budgets alone (Content Marketing Institute), and that proportion will only increase. So, you might have enjoyed some success with content strategy on a small scale. You might have reimagined … Continue reading »

With Drupal, Your Website is an API

What is Drupal good for? That’s easy: Content management. Most people know that, but did you know that Drupal is also good at sharing that content? Using a couple of key modules, you can turn your Drupal-powered site into a full-fledged API or web service. By serving your content out … Continue reading »

The Unwitting Content Strategist

Few of us are formally trained as content strategists. We’re journalists. Information architects. Copywriters. Interaction designers. Digital marketers. Some are multi-headed hydras that get to wear all the hats. But that doesn’t prevent us from tackling the nebulous task of creating content strategies. So what does that even mean? What … Continue reading »

Storymapping: A MacGyver Approach to Content Strategy

Need an organized and prioritized way to assess strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities in how you present content to a broad audience? Sure you do! Content is at the center of what many colleges, universities, libraries, and museums offer on the web and making sense of it all is essential … Continue reading »

Content Strategy in Action: Taming a 5,000 Page Franken-Site

Learn how a band of fearless library professionals are ripping the guts out of their website using content strategy. When we started this project in early 2014, the University of Arizona Libraries website was a monster—5,000 unwieldy web pages of outdated, irrelevant, and unfriendly content. After sorting through all of … Continue reading »
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