If you signed up for the full-day Zero to App workshop with Greg Rewis, Greg’s given you a little homework to do BEFORE you arrive at the workshop.

Basically you need to get your laptop set up and ready to start building apps.

Things to do Before You Arrive (Mandatory)

Regardless of which platform(s) you would like to build for, you will need to have the following installed:

  • Google Chrome– several of the exercises during the class require the use of Chrome and its Developer Tools.
  • A Code editor– this choice is up to you and will depend upon your platform. Feel free to checkout Sublime Text 2 (Mac and Win) or Notepad++ (Win).
  • NodeJS– download & install the latest version from http://nodejs.org
  • PhoneGap– download & install the latest version from http://phonegap.com/install/

If you plan to build for iOS

  • You will need an Apple laptop (Apple does not allow iOS development on non-Apple computers).
  • Xcode– please make sure you have XCode 4 or XCode 5 installed. You can find XCode on the Mac App Store. If your laptop does not support installing XCode via the Mac App Store, please come see the instructor before the class and he will give you an older version that works.

If you plan to build for Android

For all other platforms, please follow the appropriate platform guide in the PhoneGap docs