Of the many ways to measure value, price (and what you get for it) is one of the easiest to assess. So what’s the value of the edUi conference?


  • Early Bird Ticket: $500
  • Additional Cost for Workshop: Free

What You Get

Yep, everyone gets a workshop. We know how tight your budget is. But we don’t think in-depth, deep dive, hands-on, sort of learning should only be available to those who can afford it. So a workshop is included with every edUi conference registration.

Plus, travel to Richmond is easy and affordable.

What Else?

Gosh you’re a tough crowd.

  • You’ll learn the latest techniques in user interface and user experience design
  • What you learn will actually be applicable to your work in higher ed, libraries, or museums
  • You’ll meet new people, make friends, and new professional contacts
  • You’ll gain a fresh perspective on the work you do every day


As of this moment (6/25/14) we’ve got about 85 early bird tickets left. When they’re gone registration goes up to $600 (still a great value). But you can save yourself $100 by registering now.

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