Any science geeks in the edUi crowd? Well you can let your freaky science flag fly as we head over to the Science Museum of Virginia for our opening night reception this year. After enjoying some heavy hors d’oeuvres and other light refreshments we’ll head out into the museum exhibits for some special after hours access just for edUi attendees.

They’ve got a host of interactive exhibits that explore science, technology, the human body, outer space and much more. Their most recent permanent addition is called Boost!


Boost! your creativity, flexibility, memory, strength…(well, you get the picture) in this exhibition featuring cutting-edge design and technology.

Boost! walks you through a series of physical and mental challenges, tracks your individual results and allows you to see how your results compare to other people.

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This opening night reception will take place Monday Sept. 29th. If you’re registered for the conference you’re already signed up for the reception. If you haven’t registered, early bird tickets are just $500 while they last and standard tickets are $600.

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